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Hi! I'm Emily, and I'm hoping you don't find my blog obnoxious. Here, you'll find everything that tickles my fancy, from food to the stars to the worst puns you'll ever hear to some really really bad self-written poetry.
Talk to me! I swear I don't bite.

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    this guy is listening to loud ass gospel music in the library and one of the workers asked him to turn it down and he said “YOU CANT TURN DOWN JESUS”

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    too broke for college not broke enough for the financial aid I need

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  6. "Get excited about the little things. About wearing a new outfit for the first time. About Sunday brunches with your best friends. About the new cute guy in your class. About finding an extra dollar in your pocket. About anything that even remotely makes you happy because as you grow up, passions fade and enthusiasm gets mistaken for foolishness. So don’t let the grey world stop you from shining."

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get this here
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This baby doll.


    This baby doll.

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